Objective of the SADAREM initiative is to create a Dynamic Web enable system for comprehensive access, rehabilitation and empowerment, through automation, capacity building, assessment of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and maintaining Decision Support System (DSS).

Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken this initiative of Identifying & Creating the Centralized Database for Person with Disabilities by using scientific approach & disability guidelines.
SADAREM ICT solution is designed to cover the following features:
  • Scientific assessment of degree of the disability is done on the basis of methods and formulas prescribed in the Gazette 2001 issued by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India
  • Generation of a computer based Disability Certificate with unique ID along with Identity Card.
  • Assessment of needs and maintaining the centralized data base. Software will also generate all the details including the support services that the disabled persons are entitled, based on the need assessment and a record of the services provided from time to time.
  • The database thus generated will be hosted in the Public Domain to enable service providers to reach out to the disabled persons.